netKar-Pro version 1.3 Final

netKar PRO is not available for purchase anymore. If you have purchased the software before and you need to retrieve your data, you can use the following link. If you need more activations, you can request them at the following link.

The support for online lobby will definetely expire on December 1, 2015.

The new netKar-pro v1.3 Final is more stable on multiplayer, with better collisions, improved physics on the Vintage car and a brand new Vintage replica GT car with more power and semislick tyres!

Curious? Download our free demo with one car one track and multiplayer.

The update, as always, is free for existing netKar-pro customers!

Version 1.3 Final changelog


  • New GUI icons and organization
  • Password is now automatically recovered from last session 


  • New setup behaviour (use nkpro.ini USE_OLD_STYLE=1 to go back to the previous behaviour)
  • Keyboard and GamePad quick selection keys moved to SHIFT+K and SHIFT+P
  • Added g meter readings on the control overlay
  • Mirrors are now using full shading scene


  • Added "non linear" brake settings for professional pedalboards
  • Added hand brake on wheel button settings
  • Improved tyre model slip model
  • Improved differential math model
  • New collision detection and response system


  • Improved collision detection
  • Improved collision response
  • Improved lobby protocol
  • Added "Reset", "Next", "Restart" on vote
  • Improved network protocol, packets are smaller and delivered with a different strategy
  • New prediction system for remote cars' rotation
  • Added overlay to signal low quality in client-server connection
  • New protocol for client to server lobby connection avoiding MTU block by some routers
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Additional Contents

  • GT Vintage "Replica"